My paintings - Landscapes

my trip to italy

My trip to Italy

Acrylic on canvas

blue environment-2

The night breeze

Acrylic on canvas 3(30x100) cms.


the warmth

The warmth of the morning sun

Acrylic on canvas 2 (50x70) cms.

early morning near the lake

Early morning near the lake

Acrylic on canvas 2 (40x80) cms.


swiss alps

Beyond the beauty

Acrylic on canvas (90x90) cms.


20131012_173611 small-2

An evening at the lake

Acrylic on canvas (60x80) cms.


the dawn-2

The morning glory

Acrylic on canvas 2(40x80) cms.


afternoon passing gently

Afternoon passing gently

Acrylic on canvas (60x80) cms.


Listen to the silence- 1

Acrylic on paper (30x40) cms.


20121010_220945-2 small

Mysterious land

Acrylic on canvas (80x100) cms.

20130127_144925 small-2

Blue Sky

Acrylic on canvas (100x100)cms.

cloudy evening

Cloudy evening at the lake

Water colour on paper (13.5x21) cms.


blue water small

Flight to fantasy-1

Acrylic on canvas (30x40) cms.


20130922_164442 mobile-2

Flight to fantasy- 2

Water colour on paper (13.5x21) cms.


e tower in paris

An evening in Paris

Mixed media on linen (30x35) cms.

italy venice


Acrylic on linen (20x30) cms.

377874_291311764240939_783648579_n small-2

Near the lake

Water colour (20x30) cms.



winter serinity one

Winter serenity

Acrylic on canvas (80x80) cms.

paris tower 2

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green land2

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